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DecisionNow Launch

On September 30, 2015 we launched our new platform, DecisionNow. This new platform combines the highest quality external data with tips from objectively reliable experts.  To learn more, read our press release below, following the images.             Read more here.

DecisionNext on

DecisionNext is in the news! Read more about our platform and what differentiates us. “The important role analytics plays in the business DNA”  By, Michal Lenchner   Read the full article here.

Sources of Value in Mining

The sudden and largely unanticipated slowing of “the greatest boom the mining industry has ever seen” has resulted in existing players moving to protect profitability, shed non-core assets, return capital to investors, and above all ensure their long term survival. Interestingly, at the same time, billions of dollars of private and sovereign equity is being… Read more »

Overcoming Biases in Strategy Formulation

While a lot is written about the technical side of strategy making, that is, scenarios, forecasting, optimization, decision making analysis, and implementation planning, we felt the biases area in strategy was underdone, particularly given the huge impact it can have. We suspect that some of the reason that this area is not addressed more often,… Read more »

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