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From the Midwest to Silicon Valley

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September 15, 2015
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September 29, 2015

From the Midwest to Silicon Valley

I was awakened suddenly to shaking. Apparently not a large earthquake (three on the Richter scale), but I was pretty sure I had just experienced the big one.  There was quinoa and kale everywhere. The nearest Tim Hortons is in Oakland so I set out to construct my own coffee. As I stumbled through piles of moving boxes, I was met with a familiar mist named Karl, who regularly obscures my view of Inner Richmond each morning (and afternoon, and evening).

Ever wonder what day of the week it is? Sometimes I wonder what season it is.  Multiple times, in the same day, even.  Most of my Michigan friends told me I would miss the seasons when I moved. While Michigan has a much larger yearly variation, if you’re into rapidly changing weather with a small overall deviation around “just right”, this place is for you.

It does warm up sometimes, though. The temperature getting above 85F is very similar to Texas getting an inch of snow – it’s not really a big deal, but when there’s not a lot of infrastructure in place to handle it (i.e. air conditioning) people kind of freak out. Do not expect to purchase a fan on such a day.

Three months ago, I set across the country from Michigan to San Francisco with my (newly married, to me) wife and three cats in a small compact SUV. Twenty minutes into a thirty-five hour drive, two of the three cat carriers had to be cleaned. It was like the Monty Hall problem, but no one wins because you still need to clean up what’s behind the losing doors.  From then on, it was smooth sailing along I-80. Corn. More corn. A lot more corn. A little bit of snow in Colorado, and then desert through Utah and Nevada. California was suddenly mountains that, for me, were terrifying to drive over even with the lightest of rain.

After four days on the road, we arrived. We settled in and quickly fell in love with the city. Decision Next has provided me with opportunities to python and ARMAX beyond my wildest dreams. I’m extremely happy to be where I am now and I’m looking forward to the future of this exciting company.


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