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Are you curious how technology is helping buying, pricing & sales teams make better decisions in commodity markets? So are we. Check out these free resources.

When Amazon enters a segment, the effects are felt by suppliers, competitors, and consumers. As you prepare to compete, supply, and/or partner with Amazon, let’s look at the business model & ideology of Amazon and how it might influence their approach to the food sector.

Financial pundits are still arguing about the future of bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies. Here we look at the underlying technology that enables cryptocurrencies and is likely to enable significant changes in the meat supply chain: blockchain.

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain: our vocabulary can almost sound alien-like. And, if you add in the constant chatter around digitization, it suddenly it can be hard to connect the dots between practical technology for business today and what needs some more time in a lab. The four infographics here will explain the "who" and "how" of this digital disruption.

Beef Industry & Machine Learning Webinar Replay

With both technical insight and industry experience, this webinar dives into the practical opportunities for machine learning to transform the beef value chain. Listen in as Bill Rupp, beef industry leader, & Mike Neal, DecisionNext CEO and Co-Founder, explain machine learning in action and explore 5 practical use cases in the beef industry. The applications range from cattle performance and optimizing yield to price forecasting and the ‘virtual meat case’. In addition, they tackle participants’ questions which include:

  • - What are the factors leading to a successful machine learning initiative?

  • - How do I get started & what is the lowest hanging fruit?

  • - Can machine learning be done in-house or how do I resource it?

  • - What happens when machine learning recommends something counterintuitive?

  • - How do I scorecard and measure ROI when implementing machine learning?

Given the high level of investment in extraction, supply chain optimization, and processing, executives looking for the highest returns on investment should look for low-hanging fruit in their marketing departments through innovative platforms and software.

Some of the same decision fallacies that impact the most insightful basketball fans while filling out their brackets for March Madness also impact individuals responsible for buying and selling commodities that move with volatile markets.

Many commodities-driven companies, even those with advanced internal forecasting capabilities, are subject to catastrophic losses stemming from overconfidence in their forecast accuracy. When it comes to forecasting, the surer you are of something, the less likely you are to be right. What does this imply for a business leader? 

Ray Dalio started his career trading in agricultural commodity markets and found some fundamental truths core to success when dealing in inherently risky commodity markets. He captured those market truths in his recent book, Principles. We believe that the same principles of commodity trading that made Ray Dalio a hedge fund phenom can be applied by operating companies dealing in physical commodities.

The founding team at DecisionNext has been in the analytics business for decades so they’ve seen up close the differences between analytics initiatives that soar by bringing double-digit ROI’s that transform the business and those that....fall short. These 9 success factors will get you on the right track.

Curious as to how machine learning can make a difference for a meat company? See what happened when DecisionNext was implemented to aid in purchasing raw materials, selecting contract types, and timing price points.