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September 22, 2017
Amazon and Cargill Business Model Baby

What if Amazon and Cargill had a business model baby?

What if Amazon and Cargill had a business model baby? Or Kane Beef. Or Simmons Foods. Or any packer with a pulse on the future of foodRead more »
August 11, 2017

Passive Price Taker or Active Price Strategist – You Choose

I get it. You’re selling in a commodity market which by definition makes you a price taker…right? Setting aside your willingness to accept the premise thatRead more »
July 17, 2017

People Need the Bacon: 4 Questions to Consider in Market Uncertainty.

Even the laws of supply & demand agree that one of the stars of the meat industry (life?) is bacon. The price of pork bellies mayRead more »
January 18, 2017

Whether You Call It Trading or Not, Your Company is Taking Market Positions

Introduction: Market Risk at Commodities-Driven Companies When an investor buys a stock, she is taking a position, placing a bet on the stock’s value going upRead more »

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