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January 12, 2018
Further Processors should watch Netflix

Further Processors should watch Netflix

If you are one of the 104 million paid Netflix subscribers, perhaps you’ve watched one of their original series and noticed a lot more original contentRead more »
October 20, 2017
Should the meat industry care whether Amazon or Walmart wins?

Should the meat industry care whether Amazon or Walmart wins?

Being in the food industry circa 2017 means getting to watch two giants battling for global consumers’ wallets in a fight for their lives: Amazon andRead more »
October 6, 2017

Uber is kicking the meat industry’s ox tail

The taxi industry is having a rough go as ridesharing apps like Uber capture market share with a business model that improves the customer experience andRead more »
September 22, 2017
Amazon and Cargill Business Model Baby

What if Amazon and Cargill had a business model baby?

What if Amazon and Cargill had a business model baby? Or Kane Beef. Or Simmons Foods. Or any packer with a pulse on the future of foodRead more »
August 11, 2017

Passive Price Taker or Active Price Strategist – You Choose

I get it. You’re selling in a commodity market which by definition makes you a price taker…right? Setting aside your willingness to accept the premise thatRead more »
July 28, 2017

Will Amazon Enter the Meat Industry? Spoiler Alert: They Already Have.

Amazon’s swan dive into grocery will do more than transform food retail, it will transform the entire food value chain. Let’s look at the likely impactsRead more »
July 17, 2017

People Need the Bacon: 4 Questions to Consider in Market Uncertainty.

Even the laws of supply & demand agree that one of the stars of the meat industry (life?) is bacon. The price of pork bellies mayRead more »
January 18, 2017

Whether You Call It Trading or Not, Your Company is Taking Market Positions

Introduction: Market Risk at Commodities-Driven Companies When an investor buys a stock, she is taking a position, placing a bet on the stock’s value going upRead more »

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