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Finally, a predictive solution built with commodities-based business in mind.

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    A new breed of industry-specific insights ensure you’re making better decisions than your competition.

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    Understand where the commodities markets are likely to go — plus, how today’s decisions will impact future business.

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    Don’t fall behind. Predictive analytics built specifically for your industry help you stay relevant in today’s markets.

Industries we serve...

Using the DecisionNext analytics platform we were able to understand and forecast markets better, which translates to higher customer satisfaction and significantly improved performance.

            - Bill Rupp, President JBS Beef Division (2010-2016) and Cargill Meat Solutions (2006-2008) and Cargill Beef (1998-2008)

Serious analytics is becoming table stakes in the increasingly competitive meat industry – and at Colorado Premium we decided to get ahead of the curve by working with DecisionNext. With DecisionNext we’re moving from spreadsheets to purpose built analytics, and it’s making a difference.

            - Tom Jobe, COO Colorado Premium

Our team has been known to keep DecisionNext open on their desktops all day every day.

            - Steve Cohron, JBS


360° Insights

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DecisionNext’s industry specific 360° Insights combine the highest quality external data with reliable expert tips in one easy to use, cloud based platform. Full simulation capabilities help your commodities-driven business unlock additional profit hiding in the details.

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