Market simulation for agile decision making.

The DecisionNext Framework

Disparate Data

Disparate data sets from publicly available sources, privately syndicated sources, and your historical transactions make up the models. Automated data feeds ensure real-time updates and user-friendly features enable easy import and export.

Robust Forecasts

Forecasting models created by you, DecisionNext scientists, or the patented machine learning engine, Seeker, are put to use. The interactive & transparent platform helps you track accuracy, tune models, and run simulations.

Confident Decisions

Prescriptive analytics help you translate forecasts into recommended actions that enable more confident business decision making. Machine learning enables data-driven insights, driving bottom-line growth.

3 Ways DecisionNext is Different

Decision Centric

Improve your high value, high frequency purchasing & sales decisions.

Interactive & Transparent

Combine your market experts’ insights with quantitative models. Human plus machine.


A DecisionDesk visualizes the tradeoffs between profit and risk based on market probabilities.

Equip your team to make risk aware decisions.

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