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DecisionNext is here to help…

The food and mining industries are in turmoil. Supply is disrupted. Demand is disrupted. People are worried about losing their jobs. DecisionNext is set up to help companies navigate uncertain markets.

We want to make it easy to help you right away. We have several highly focused analytical tools that with minimal setup time can be positioned to help answer tough questions like:

  • What pricing makes sense in this chaotic environment?
  • How do we allocate product across customers and geographies?
  • How do we balance product availability vs. consumer demand?
  • How and when should we purchase?

Rather than having to make a significant technology decision to access these leading-edge tools, we’re changing how we do business to support you through this unprecedented market. In this chaotic environment, we are offering a month-to-month service and we’ll even even operate our tools for you, to make a difference very quickly. 

We are here to support you and we are not going anywhere. Also, as you might expect, we’re now doing everything remotely over a web connection, so this is easy and safe.

A valuable part of this offering is a think tank of DecisionNext advisors we can bring to bear as necessary. We have former industry CEO’s, pricing leaders, sales leaders and strategists ready to meet remotely under NDA to help. 

Let us know if you’d like to discuss.