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Our customers are processors, traders, wholesalers, & retailers in the following industries:

Food, Meat, & Agriculture

DecisionNext helps companies improve their market performance through machine learning and prescriptive analytics. Through a robust and nuanced view of commodity markets, decision makers can quantify risk and be confident in decisions like when to purchase raw materials to minimize cost, how to price product to maximize revenue, what the optimal forward bought or sold position is, or how to structure sales contracts to benefit from a view of the market.

Meat Commodity Market
Mining Commodity Market

Mining & Natural Resources

Mining companies use DecisionNext’s software to help evaluate transaction terms and pick the best risk adjusted outcome based on market forecasts. DecisionNext applies simulation to customer contracts with different quotation periods, pricing formulae, volume options and index references to help the marketing department find the best deal. The platform assists companies in trading and product selection, whether through the equity owned value chain or in purchasing from third parties. Additionally, the software provides the user with a verified record of decision making to assist with compliance and risk reporting.

In addition, DecisionNext helps companies optimize their freight contracts to minimize transportation costs, deciphering a dimensionally complex matrix of factors and limitations based on market forecasts.

Commodity Chemicals

The commodity chemicals business is inextricably tied to market dynamics. Cutting edge forecasting and demand-side analytics can help savvy companies gain an edge. By forecasting the prices of potential outputs at each level of the value chain, DecisionNext software helps chemical companies determine how much to value-up a product within one value chain.

Chemical Commodity Market

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